Community Forests Pemba was founded after launching
a tree-planting project on the island of Pemba, Tanzania.
Since inception in 2007 the organization has grown to support
the planting of over 1,000,000 trees and a multitude of activities
that improve both livelihoods and the environment.

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Climate change is happening, and scientists overwhelmingly agree that it is due to human activities. Community Forests Pemba is helping communities to adapt to climate change by making...


Agroforestry provides the tools to marry annual cash crops with perennial trees.  The trees improve the soil and prevent errosion, while the annual crops provide immediate income.

Alternative Agriculture

Our communities are practicing a multitude of small-scale gardening techniques to increase their access to the fruits and vegetables necessary for a healthy diet.

Biointensive Gardening


Alternative Construction

Compressed Stablized Interlocking Earth Blocks (CSIEB) provide stronger and cheaper buildings. The local soil is mixed with a little lime or cement, and it is compressed into interlocking blocks...

Alternative Energies

Community Forests Pemba is working to revolutionize off grid electricity. Each household in a community receives a locally available motorcycle battery and 12V LED light bulb. The charge lasts...


Beekeeping has a many benefits. The bees pollinate the local vegetation. We can harvest honey and beeswax, which can then be processed into other products. Our communities are now keeping bees in...

Community Forestry

Our communities have planted over 1,000,000 trees throughout Pemba. It is inspiring to see tree planting continue to grow and spread throughout the island.

Fuel Briquettes

Many carpentry shops burn their sawdust when the pile gets too high. Now, communities are turning the sawdust into fuel for cooking. The sawdust is mixed with water and a binder (paper or cassava...

Fuel Efficient Cooking Stoves

Coupled with the fuel briquettes, we are teaching women to manufacture and sell fuel efficient cook stoves. These stoves reduce pressure on the forests, improve cooking times, and have enabled...

Rural Innovation Campus

Located in Minyenyeni, Pemba, the Rural Innovation Campus (RIC) provides a central location for local farmers to share ideas and build solutions. Located at the RIC are demonstration agroforestry...

Water Harvesting

Community Forests Pemba has installed two large scale rain water harvesting systems on two remote islets off of the coast of Pemba. These systems come complete with large storage tanks and UV and...