• Adaptation
    As the world changes, we assist our communities to adapt to it.
  • Trees and crops can work together to improve the soil and increase income for those in greatest need.
  • Alternative Agriculture
    Small-scale improved gardening techniques increase access to the fruits and vegetables necessary for a healthy diet. This is the first step our communitites are taking towards establishing local permaculture systems
  • Alternative Costruction
    Compressed Stablized Interlocking Earth Blocks provide stronger and cheaper buildings.
  • Alternative Energies
    In this day and age, everyone deserves access to electricity.
  • Our communities are harvesting from the forests they planted while improving the environment.
  • Community Forestry
    Over 1,000,000 trees planted can't be wrong.
  • Fuel Briquettes
    Turning sawdust that is normally burned into a viable business.
  • Fuel Efficient Cooking Stoves
    Decreasing the pressure on the forests and improving cooking times.
  • Rural Innovation Campus
    Horizontal learning at its best. We provide a location for communities to share ideas and build solutions.
  • Water Harvesting
    Our communities were using entire days to collect and transport water, but by harvesting rainwater locally they have time for other activities.

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